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1、What products do you supply?
Our main products are complete Deutz engine, Deutz engine parts,  fuel injuction part,  gasket kit, stop solenoid valve.   We still offer some other products. Tell us what you need, we do the rest.

2、 How can you help customers with a smart buying decision?
Our sales engineers have done a lot of research into diesel engine products, technology as well as quality manufacturers in China. They have already developed a system to match our customers' buying needs to top quality suppliers in a limited time, which ensure quality, save time and money because we can get customized quotes very competitive in the industry. Our diesel engine products are strongly backed by top notch suppliers that compete for your business. 

3、What is so important for international customers?
International trade service is very important. We have specific customer service representatives working just for exporting business. They are very professional in every detail of the whole procedure in international business ,which ensure the products to your home in a completely good condition.

4、Where are your complete Deutz engine and Deutz engine parts made?
We have the top quality manufacturers in China that focus on Deutz products. They are not OEM products but OEM quality, which undergo strict quality control inspection procedure to ensure top quality consistency. We have strong alliance with top notch manufactuerers who provide best supports to us.

5、What’s the MOQ of your products?
Our MOQ is 1pc.

6、Do you accpet OEM and customized orders?
Yes, we provide OEM quality products and customerized service for your samples or drawings

7、 Can you accpet Mixed order with not large quantity?
 Yes, we have already done many and are still very happily with mixed orders, which include a large variety of products but each kind is small in quantity.

8、What kind of warranty do you offer?
We believe in our products. We stand behind it with our warranty. Our warranty is normally 1 year and even longer for some specific parts.

9、 How long does it take for my order to be ready?
We process your order right away. Most of the time we ship orders the next day if required products are in stock.

10、 How about your delivery time?

If the products have in stock, then we ensure that the products will arrive the airport or seaport within 5 days. Otherwise, the delivery time will be 25-30 working days after receiving the prepay!

11、What kind of payment term is available?
The terms of TT, or L/C .are acceptable till now!

12. How can I pay ?
Western Union and paypal.

13How can I get your catalog?
At Contact Us, leave your message and you'll get it very soon.

14、What are the benefits of joining our mailing list?
If you are doing business in diesel engine industry, you will get our newsletters, all update information about our specials and best sellers.

15How do I become an official reseller and/or dealer for Globsea Diesel product?

For business cooperation or dealership/reseller, please contact us


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